In Celebration
of a Beautiful Life

Bob Klancher was the consummate Architect. He was a dreamer, a thinker, a planner, a politician, a strategist and a motivator.

Anyone who knew Bob knew he carried an infectious energy that could take over a room and inspired all to be more engaged, more caring and more earnest. A tireless resolve was applied to every problem with a work ethic always driving for results. Bob lived every day to the fullest, never waiting until tomorrow to accomplish something today.

Bob championed his Clients as their advocate. He valued and enjoyed every relationship, and made the most out of every opportunity. Bob’s colleagues and clients were more than just that; everyone who met Bob became his friend, many of us for life.

We have been blessed to know Bob – to work with him, and to be inspired by him. Bob liked to say “be bright, be brief, be gone”. Bob, you were brilliant. Your time with us was too brief. You are not gone; you remain in our hearts forever.