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Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

PCRM is a physicians’ group that practices a holistic approach to good health. They work with patients to develop good (plant-based) nutrition practices, and provide support groups and continuing education to make people more active participants to develop and maintain a healthy life style.

In order to better serve their growing client base PCRM decided to extend their practice to include a general practice clinic. Their primary goal for the design of the space was to be open, inviting, friendly and comfortable.

Natural and recycled materials were used throughout the space, including cork flooring and a wood ceiling feature at reception check-in area. Bright blues, greens and yellows are used throughout the space.

With space at a premium, every corner of the suite was looked at carefully, to make the best use of the space while creating a feeling of openness and easy flow through the suite.