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Interplan is proud to feel like an integral part of RSM’s facilities team, continuing to assist in defining and refining RSM’s national corporate image. In 2018 Interplan designed RSM’s new Las Vegas offices, occupying the 4th floor of a mid-rise office building in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas. Every RSM office design works to support RSM’s values of Inclusion, Diversity and local Culture. There is a consistent evolution of and sophistication with design ideas within RSM office designs. The dramatic Red Rocks are visible from several windows of RSM’s new offices, serving as inspiration for the design team, to create an engaging space that brought nature indoors.

The integration of daylight throughout the space has become a guiding principle in the design of RSM’s offices. The configuration of the suite allowed Interplan to design an open space we called “the boulevard”, that spans from front to back of the entire building, thus allowing daylight penetration throughout the entire suite. RSM’s corporate colors of green and blue were used to symbol the earth (green) and sky (blue).