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RSM US, LLP – San Francisco

Interplan has worked with RSM US (formerly McGladrey) for over twenty years. Our relationship with RSM continues to expand outside of the Washington regional area throughout the United States. Work currently in progress includes projects in Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Minneapolis, Dallas and Houston. Interplan is proud to feel like an integral part of RSM’s facilities team, continuing to assist in defining and refining RSM’s national corporate image.

RSM’s commitment to standardization of work spaces, and natural daylighting as a shared commodity, are the catalysts for creating open and transparent work spaces. The use of glass walls break down hierarchal and visual barriers throughout the space are becoming standard features within their office landscapes. The interaction of daylight vistas throughout the space have become a guiding principle in the design of RSM’s offices. The goal is to be able to see daylight from any location within the suite. RSM also promotes design inspiration from the local culture of each office.